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Why Vegetarian

By going vegetarian, every human being is making a conscious choice to be kinder and considerate towards animals. The Vegetarian Society estimates that over two million animals are killed every day for food, only in the UK. Trying to imagine how many animals are killed worldwide every day is truly terrifying.

It’s important to switch to vegetarianism, if we want to be humane to the Earth and its living creatures. However, being a vegetarian doesn’t stop with your eating habits – there are many animal by-products used in production of various goods and a true vegetarian should avoid them as well.

At Senso, we believe that it’s important to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. Many of us don’t realize that high quality leather products, such as shoes and handbags are produced from animal skin, especially cow skin – cows which are revered in the Hindu religion.

Our company aims to reverse that trend and give the Indian population a choice to be truly vegetarian and against animal cruelty.

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