This security policy is in place to make consumers aware of the security practices for the Senso Vegetarian Shoes website

This policy has been implemented to prevent consumer identity theft or any other misuse of consumer information, provided in the Senso Vegetarian Shoes Website. This information is protected both online and offline.

When you enter your data on our website, it is collected on a secure server. Firewalls are used on these servers. When you fill out your card details or any other personal information online, the page is encrypted by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) coding. 100% security can never be guaranteed, but this makes it difficult for the hackers to decrypt the data. We urge you not to send us any credit/debit card information over any unsecure medium. We try to maintain many procedures around different the areas to collect and safeguard the information given to us by our customers online. All information is only shared with the office employees on a need to know basis.

When on an encrypted page that is protected with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, a lock icon on the bottom of web browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer becomes locked, as opposed to unlocked, or open, when you are just “surfing.”

The servers that contain personal information are kept in a secure room.

If you have more questions about the security at our website, please contact us via email.